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Avis conjoint CSS N°9311 et SciCom 21-2016 (PDF)
(FR, also available in Dutch)
Recommandations relatives à la problématique de la listériose chez les groupes cibles spécifiques et fragiles (dossier SciCom 2016/12) Food
Advice 20-2016 (PDF)

An action limit for tetrodotoxin (TTX) in bivalve molluscs

 (Dossier SciCom 2016/19)

Advice 19-2016 (PDF)

The evaluation of a draft royal decree modifying the royal decree of November 14th, 2003 concerning the selfchecking, the obligatory notification and the traceability in the food chain

(Dossier SciCom 2016/21)
Advice 18-2016 (PDF) The evaluation of the FASFC’s analysis program in regard to pesticide residues (Dossier SciCom 2015/22) Various
Advice 17-2016 (PDF) The analysis program of the FASFC in regard to microbiological contaminants in milk, eggs, preparations made from milk or eggs, egg products and milk products (Dossier SciCom 2016/09) Food
Advice 16-2016 (PDF) The analysis program of the FASFC in regard to microbiological contaminants in meat, meat preparations, meat products and animal feed (Dossier SciCom 2016/07) Food
Advice 15-2016 (PDF)

The draft royal decree establishing an identification and registration system for poultry, rabbits and some backyard poultry (Dossier SciCom 2016/17)

Rapid advice 14-2016 (PDF)

The fixation of action levels for fumonisin B1+B2 in cereals and cereal-based products other than maize

(Dossier SciCom 2016/23)

Advice 13-2016 (PDF)

Risk assessment and risk management measures of certains types of milk products for use in animal feed

(Dossier SciCom 2016/03)

Advice 12-2016 (PDF)
    - Appendix IX (PDF)
Evaluation of the Belgian bovine tuberculosis control program (Dossier SciCom 2015/11) Animal
Rapid advice 11-2016 (PDF) The fixation of an action level for hydrogen cyanide in bitter and sweet apricot kernels (Dossier SciCom 2016/14) Food
Advice 10-2016 (PDF) The feasibility and effectiveness of the monitoring of risk indicators for animal disease emergence (Dossier SciCom 2014/05: self-tasking initiative) Animal
Advice 09-2016 (PDF)

The growth of Listeria monocytogenes in raw milk homestead butter (Dossier SciCom 2016/06)

Advice 08-2016 (PDF)

Recommendations to perform studies for showing the microbiological safety of foodstuffs during special storage conditions (Dossier SciCom 2016/04: self-tasking initiative)

Advice 07-2016 (PDF)

Control of lentivirus infection in sheep and goat flocks (Dossier SciCom 2015/13)

Advice 06-2016 (PDF)

The evaluation of a non-paper of the European Commission for amending annex IV, part A, section II of Council Directive 2000/29/EC with regard to phytosanitary requirements for propagating material of fruit plants under certification (Dossier SciCom 2016/02)

Advice 05-2016 (PDF)

The re-emergence of bovine brucellosis in Belgium between 2010 and 2013 (Dossier SciCom 2011/10)

Opinion 04-2016 (PDF) Control of dourine in equids (Dossier SciCom 2015/14) Animal
Advice 03-2016 (PDF) The origin of anthraquinone and biphenyl in dried feed (Dossier SciCom 2015/21) Animal
Advice 02-2016 (PDF)

Challenge tests and durability tests for Listeria monocytogenes in cheese (Dossier SciCom 2015/17)

Advice 01-2016 (PDF)

Draft royal decree in regard to the control of bovine infectious rhinorachetis (Dossier SciCom 2015/20)

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