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Advice 29-2013 (PDF) A draft royal decree modifying the royal decree of 22th November 2006 concerning the control of bovine infectious rhinotracheitis (dossier Sci Com 2013/24) Animal
Advice 28-2013 (PDF) Risk assessment of the consumption of food supplements in particular those purchased on the internet (dossier Sci Com 2012/23) Food
Advice 27-2013 (PDF) A royal decree and a ministerial decree aiming at the control of rabies (dossier Sci Com 2013/18) Animal
Advice 26-2013 (PDF) The evaluation of the self-checking guide for the egg packaging, collection and wholesale centers (dossier Sci Com 2013/15 - G-042) Food
Advice 25-2013 (PDF) The assessment of food safety risks of the effects of flooding (dossier Sci Com 2011/06: self-tasking initiative) Various
Advice 24-2013 (PDF) The draft royal decree on food hygiene (dossier Sci Com 2013/17) Food
Advice 23-2013 (PDF) The evaluation of a sectoral sampling plan regarding the cattle farming sector (dossier Sci Com 2013/13) Animal
Advice 22-2013 (PDF) The evaluation of a project of royal decree modifying the royal decree of March 7th, 2007 concerning the control of contagious bee diseases (dossier Sci Com 2013/16) Animal
Advice 21-2013 (PDF) Action limits applied to rabbit and farmed game meat as indicative values of process hygiene (dossier Sci Com 2013/14) Animal
Advice 20-2013 (PDF) A project of royal decree amending the royal decree of 22 December 2005 laying down additional measures for the organization of official controls on products of animal origin intended for human consumption (dossier Sci Com 2013/19) Food
Advice 19-2013 (PDF) Responsible use of antibacterial substances via group treatment of livestock and the effect on the selection of resistance (dossier Sci Com 2012/10) Animal
Advice 18-2013 (PDF) The detection of food allergens (dossier Sci Com 2012/13) Food
Rapid Advice 17-2013 (PDF) The presence of perchlorate in leafy vegetables grown in glasshouses (dossier Sci Com 2013/23) Vegetal
Rapid Advice 16-2013 (PDF) A proposal to stop with the routine removal of specified risk materials during bovine slaughter (dossier Sci Com 2013/22) Animal
Advice 15-2013 (PDF) The conservation temperature of fish salads (dossier Sci Com 2013/04) Food
Advice 14-2013 (PDF) A Royal Decree aiming at the prevention of human infection with Coxiella burnetii from bovine, ovine and caprine farms (dossier Sci Com 2013/09) Animal
Advice 13-2013 (PDF) The evaluation of the extension of the scope of the guide "meat products, prepared dishes, salads, natural gut, sauces, bouillons and soups” (dossier Sci Com 2013/11 - G-019) Food
Advice 12-2013 (PDF) The draft Royal Decree regarding the assignment of the animal diseases that fall under the application of chapter III of the Royal Decree of 24th of march 1987 and regarding the regulation of mandatory notification (dossier Sci Com 2013/03) Animal
Advice 11-2013 (PDF) The evaluation of the risks and benefits of the consumption of raw milk from animal species other than cows (dossier Sci Com 2012/12) Food
Advice 10-2013 (PDF) The draft Royal Decree modifying the Royal Decree of 27th April 2007 regarding Salmonella surveillance of pigs (dossier Sci Com 2013/06) Animal
Advice 09-2013 (PDF) The evaluation of a project of royal decree modifying the royal decree of November 14th, 2003 concerning the self-checking, the obligatory notification and the traceability in the food chain (dossier Sci Com 2013/10) Various
Advice 08-2013 (PDF) The evaluation of the document “Plan in case of acute intoxication of honeybees by pesticides” (dossier Sci Com 2012/25) Animal
Amended advice 07-2013 (PDF) The presence of endogenous anabolics and or prohibited substances in food producing animals (dossier Sci Com 2012/07) Animal
Amendment Advice 07-2013 (PDF) The presence of prednisolone residues of endogenous origin in pig’s urine (dossier Sci Com 2012/07) Animal
Advice 07-2013 (PDF) The presence of endogenous anabolics and or prohibited substances in food producing animals (dossier Sci Com 2012/07) Animal
Advice 06-2013 (PDF) The risk factors of the (potentially) (re)-emerging infectious animal diseases (dossier Sci Com 2006/48) Animal
Urgent advice 05-2013 (PDF) A proposition of action limit for the nicotine content in cultivated mushrooms (dossier Sci Com 2012/26) Food
Advice 04-2013 (PDF) Evaluation of the scores that are allocated to hazards in the context of programming official controls (dossier Sci Com 2012/26) Various
Advice 03-2013 (PDF) Two proposals of law:
- on the reinforcement of the credibility, the transparence and the independence of decisions related to public health
- on the introduction of a uniform procedure to conduct expert investigations and to institute an Upper Council for Expert advice
(dossier Sci Com 2013/02: self-tasking initiative)
Advice 02-2013 (PDF) Meat inspection without incisions for cattle until the age of eight months: partim prioritization of zoonotic agents and monitoring (dossier Sci Com 2011/15bis) Animal
Advice 01-2013 (PDF) Risks of carcinogenic and/or genotoxic compounds in food: Environmental contaminants (dossier Sci Com 2011/04) Food
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