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Advice 27-2012 (PDF) The inspection program of the FASFC (dossier Sci Com 2012/09) Various
Advice 26-2012 (PDF) A draft royal decree on the hygiene of foods of animal origin (dossier Sci Com 2012/18) Food
Advice 25-2012 (PDF) Bacteriological and antimicrobial residue examination of meat at emergency slaughter and at routine slaughtering when indicated (dossier Sci Com 2011/09) Animal
Advice 24-2012 (PDF) A draft of royal decree laying down control measures for certain substances and residues in live animals and animal products (dossier Sci Com 2012/20) Animal
Rapid Advice 23-2012 (PDF) The use of lactic acid on bovine carcasses (dossier Sci Com 2012/22) Animal
Advice 22-2012 (PDF) The risk of reintroduction/recirculation of Schmallenberg virus in Belgium in 2012 (dossier Sci Com 2012/14: self-tasking initiative) Animal
Advice 21-2012 (PDF) The optimization of the methodology of the control program: sampling size for the study of trends (dossier Sci Com 2011/01: self-tasking initiative) Various
Advice 20-2012 (PDF) An inventory and analysis of the epidemiological surveillance activities of animal diseases and zoonotic diseases in animals and food (dossier Sci Com 2010/16) Animal
Advice 19-2012 (PDF) The evaluation of the self-checking guide for the sector of the biscuit, the chocolate, the chocolate truffle, the candy and the breakfast cereals industry (dossier Sci Com 2012/15) Food
Advice 18-2012 (PDF) Contribution of the food chain to the transfer of antibiotic resistance to humans (dossier Sci Com 2007/08) Food
Advice 17-2012 (PDF) A proposition of revision of the BSE monitoring program (dossier Sci Com 2012/08) Animal
Advice 16-2012 (PDF) A draft royal decree on the veterinary regulations for the intra-Community trade in, and imports from third countries of, poultry and hatching eggs and on the conditions for authorization for poultry holdings (dossier Sci Com 2011/24) Animal
Advice 15-2012 (PDF) The prevention, detection, fast tracing and management of outbreaks of human pathogenic Verotoxin producing Escherichia coli in the food chain (dossier Sci Com 2011/18: self-tasking initiative) Food
Advice 14-2012 (PDF) Evaluation of the study of the CODA/CERVA "Proposal for an adaptation of the Aujeszky's disease surveillance program in domestic pigs" (dossier Sci Com 2011/27) Animal
Rapid Advice 13-2012 (PDF) The risk of transmission of Brucella abortus via artificial insemination and embryo transfer (dossier Sci Com 2012/17) Animal
Advice 12-2012 (PDF) The assessment of the risk that reared bumblebees contaminated with spores and/or vegetative cells of American foulbrood (Paenibacillus larvae) induce a clinical outbreak of this disease in honeybees (dossier Sci Com 2011/16) Animal
Advice 11-2012 (PDF) The weight factors of the indicators used in the food safety, animal health and plant health (phytosanitary situation) barometers (dossier Sci Com 2012/03) Various
Advice 10-2012 (PDF) The evaluation of the document "Action limits for microbiological contaminants in food" (dossier Sci Com 2011/21) Food
Advice 09-2012 (PDF) A project of royal decree amending the royal decree of 21 February 2006 establishing the conditions for approval and authorization of business establishments in the animal feed sector and amending the royal decree of 16 January 2006 laying down detailed approvals, authorizations and foregoing registrations delivered by the Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain (dossier Sci Com 2012/05) Animal
Advice 08-2012 (PDF) Sectorial self-control guide for the non-edible plant primary production (dossier Sci Com 2012/04 - guide G-040) Vegetal
Advice 07-2012 (PDF) Royal decree concerning the marketing and use of fertilizers, soil conditioners and growth media (dossier Sci Com 2012/06) Vegetal
Advice 06-2012 (PDF) Minimum temperature of warm dishes (dossier Sci Com 2012/01) Food
Joint advisory report Sci Com and SHC 8663 (PDF) Reformulation of foodstuffs – salt reduction (dossier Sci Com 2010/09 – SHC 8663) Food
Advice 04-2012 (PDF) Regarding nanotechnology in the food chain (dossier Sci Com 2009/10bis: self-tasking initiative) Food
Advice 03-2012 (PDF) Evaluation of the Salmonella action plan in pigs (dossier Sci Com 2011/05: self-tasking initiative) Animal
Advice 02-2012 (PDF) A project of royal decree on the hygienic conditions related to the direct supply by an animal keeper or by another producer of primary products, or a hunter of small quantities of some foods of animal origin to the final consumer or of wild game to the retail that delivers directly to the final consumer (dossier Sci Com 2011/30) Animal
Advice 01-2012 (PDF) A draft royal decree on the control of Salmonella in poultry (dossier Sci Com 2011/23 & Sci Com 2011/25) Animal
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