Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain

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Rapid opinion 09-2020 (PDF)

The reassessment of the risks of African swine fever spread in wildlife and introduction in Belgian pig holdings associated with a conditional resumption of various activities in forest (dossier SciCom 2020/05)

Advice 07-2020 (PDF)

The evaluation of the analysis programme for phycotoxins in food (dossier SciCom 2016/13 B)

Advice 06-2020 (PDF) Semi-quantitative risk assessment of potential routes of introduction of African Swine Fever from wildlife to domestic pig holdings and subsequent spread (dossier SciCom 2019/11 - self-tasking mandate) Animal
Advice 05-2020 (PDF)

The reassessment of the action limit for thiouracil in cattle urine (dossier SciCom 2019/22)

Provisional version of the urgent opinion 04-2020 (PDF) The zoonotic risk of SARS-CoV2 virus (Covid-19) in pets: infection from animals to man and from man to animals (dossier SciCom 2020/07) Animal
Rapid opinion 02-2020 (PDF) The sampling and analysis plans of food and feed around a site of a scrap processing plant located in Courcelles (dossier SciCom 2020/02) Food
Advice 01-2020 (PDF) A request for sectorial application for exemption from the legal requirement to use water of drinking water quality in the industrial production of dairy products (dossier SciCom 2018/16) Food
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