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Multi Annual National Control Plan (MANCP)


In the Regulation (EC) no 882/2004 it is stipulated that each Member State has to draw up a Multi Annual National Control Plan (MANCP) and to implement it on January 1st, 2007 at the latest. The MANCP describes the strategy of the Member State (for a particular period) in order to guarantee an efficient result of controls and the preservation of the respect of food legislation by operators. It includes among others a description of the competent authorities, of the general organization and of the management of official controls, and of the different control systems.


Workshop Heads of Agencies

Measuring Outcome Brussels, 3-4/04/2014

The MANCP is drawn up by the FASFC as this competent authority is in charge of most of the official controls with regard to Regulation (EC) no 882/2004. The duration of the MANCP is the same as that of the business plan of the CEO of the FASFC. This way the strategic and operational objectives of the FASFC are linked to those of the MANCP.

Belgium's first MANCP (2006-2008) was only digitally available, and so hardly accessible for third persons. For reasons of readability and transparency, the following MANCPs were made in book form.

The second MANCP (2009-2011) is available in a French, a Dutch, and a German version. There is also a summary in English that describes the most important operational aspects of this MANCP: Risk-based controls & the MANCP (2009-2011) : approach of the Belgian Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain.

The third MANCP (2012-2014) and the current MANCP (2015-2017) are available in a French and Dutch version. There is also an English version of the current MANCP.

A report on the evolution of the MANCP is given each year to the European Commission. The basis for this report is the annual activity report of the FASFC.

Additional data regarding the results of the controls in the framework of the MANCP are available via

Our mission is to preserve the safety and the quality of our food in order to protect humans, animals and plants.

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